Senior Community Outreach Services, Inc.


Senior Community Outreach Services has been committed to extending the quality of life for our District elders and improving their ability to lead healthy, fulfilling, independent lives, at no cost to them or their families, for the past 41 years.

It is only through the generosity of individual donors and institutional funders that Senior Community Outreach Services can sustain and expand its work. Your donation helps SCOS continue to provide quality programs and services that are free of charge and meet the needs of all the abuelitos who come through our doors.

Senior Community Outreach Services is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization. Our tax ID number is 74-2805842. We accept donations, including employer matches and workplace giving campaigns, of all shapes and sizes.

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If you are not able to make a financial contribution at this time, please consider including SCOS in your bequest, donating an item from our wish list, or volunteering your time.