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Family Caregiver Education & Training Program

Helping Families Care for Older Adults

“Are you helping a spouse, family member or friend more than you used to with doctor’s appointments, medications, or personal care? Then You’re a caregiver, and You are not alone.”
There are an estimated 44 Americans age 18 and over who provide unpaid assistance and support to older people and adults with disabilities who live in the community

Caring for an older adult family member or friend may be one of the most important roles you will perform in your lifetime. It’s not easy, and most of us are not prepared to do it.

Family Caregiver Support Program Services include a variety of services designed to help Caregivers make decisions about long-term care needs for their love one. This service helps people stay in their homes and receive long-term care services. Family Caregiver Support Program consultants help Caregivers and their families choose services and supports that reflect their needs and preferences. Family Caregiver Consultation activities include one to one counseling in early intervention, information and education about local long-term care service options, pre-admission screenings prior to nursing home admission, information about public and private programs that can provide services.

Helping others is rewarding, but it can also be emotionally and physically exhausting.

Take the advice of other family caregivers:

  • Get plenty of help early on so you don’t become overly stressed or exhausted. Accept help from others.
  • Take care of your health. Eat well and stay active to increase energy and reduce stress.
  • Others may be willing to help you. Take advantage of it and give them a task list.
  • Take time for yourself and take breaks. Don’t stop doing things you enjoy.

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